Authentication Services

With over 75 combined years of handling flint, stone, slate and pottery we are now accepting relics for Certificate Authentication service.  Choosing the right authenticator is as critical as shopping for the right relics.  We offer a jointly signed COA inspected by both Jason Hanna and Steve Puttera.  Our review fully inspects your relic for correct patination, manufacture, and at a microscopic level to fully identify the authenticity of the item.

Jason Hanna’s lithic background includes being a lifelong surface hunter, having personally found well over 2,500 relics, published author in the field of arrowheads, over 15 years dealing with estate liquidation/antique appraisals and well educated with many years employed in a highly technical role for NASA.  Jason has also been a contributing member of the Archaeological Society of Ohio since 1994.

Steve Puttera is considered to be one of the finest “Old Time” collectors.  He began collecting as a young lad in the mid 1950’s, and has been a member of the Archaeological Society of Ohio since 1974.  He has served the Society on the Authentication Committee and as a Trustee.  He also served as a director with the AACA.  Steve has done field work in archaeology, working on local Ohio sites as well as Mississippian sites in Arkansas and Missouri.  Also, he has vastly studied the various cultures of North America, Central and South America, and has become familiar with their various artifact types.  He has authored different articles for various publications over the years.  Steve’s collection can be seen in the Who’s Who series, volumes 6 through 10.

Both Jason and Steve are well known in the collecting community for their honesty and integrity.  Both rely on many years of study and experience in the relic field.  As no-nonsense individuals that wants to better this fine collecting hobby through awareness,  and preventing collector mishaps from unscrupulous dealers and imitators.

Fees: $25 per Certificate, $15 for Dismissals (All orders must include a flat rate $10.00 return shipping via priority insured mail)


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