Welcome to Arrowhead World.com! …online since 1994! This site features many prehistoric artifacts and finds from my collection among viewers contributions.

BUYING ARROWHEAD COLLECTIONS — I purchase and can also appraise artifact collections and single items. Flint Arrowheads, Stone Tools, Slate Ornamental (Pendants/Gorgets/Bannerstones) and any other prehistoric Indian artifacts.  I prefer Ohio Valley Artifacts, concentrating primarily on prehistoric artifacts from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  If you are unsure on your artifact origin, I will gladly identify for you.

Contact me via email jasonhanna@gmail.com or (216) 402-6911, I can also receive text pictures of relics on this number. I am not interested in broken points/material. As always, I will promptly answer all questions on items so feel free to email me!